With all the services watching and recording you
It’s hard to get some real privacy in the new
South Africa that we all live in as people free
With freedom to choose, to work and to believe
Then there’s the problem of criminals spying
To get some information to leave yours crying
Poking their noses where they’re not allowed
Stealing from you and your chosen private crowds
I say to hell with them they must all die now
No military acting against you in cyber towns
No intelligence services watching and recording
No police services investigating and distorting
Certainly no criminals, no gangs and no perps
Criminal nosy spies not allowed onto my turfs
We don’t want the maids, the domestics, as thieves
We don’t want the gardeners as murderers please
No more the dalliance with virtual organised crime
No more the inheritance of distorted crime lines
We don’t want the spies to rummage in our heads
We don’t want the crooks to hide under our beds
Privacy is a right, an entitlement and a reality
If you violate my privacy, I’ll kill you seriously
Don’t think this is a joke, I have no obligation
To be robbed or murdered so change your vocation!