What manner of freedom comes in chains
Binds my hands so my work never gains
Ropes this soul into the darkest abyss
And voids my mind of my very own wish?

What manner of freedom cares not for me
Says that I am a common particularity
Compares my life to my fellow person
And does not individualise my earnings?

What manner of freedom concedes to fear
Monetises my suffering and those tears
Holds my choices in bankrupt abeyance
And demands payment for intransigence?

What manner of freedom casts doubt first
Listens to rumours, defrauds and skirts
Past justice with swiftness plundering
And lauds itself for its misdirectings?

What manner of freedom cannot in peace
Eat what has all been earned with grace
Instead choosing to betray and sabotage
And find fault with everyone in charge?

What manner of freedom causes disruption
Within families and homes for attention
Delaying work and breeding corruption
And stealing for purposeful destruction?

What manner of freedom cosigns bondage
Delivering to one’s enemies the leverage
Needed to destroy one’s soulful life
And wreck and ruin workings with strife?

What manner of freedom condemns piety
Ignoring respect and blinding reality
Wasting away with drink and with drugs
And rotting working lives for thugs?

What manner of freedom collects payment
For services not rendered in fulfilment
Hoping to bribe, corrupt and ensnare
And as such to never fight or play fair?

What manner of freedom contains thorns
Which poke out your eyes all forlorn
Leaving you weakly to find your way
And laugh at you for not being gay?

What manner of freedom cedes autonomy
To the abuser and the abusive crony
For such reason as abuse only knows
And doesn’t care much how it all goes?

What manner of freedom conjoins wins
When the people are starving out of bins
Homeless and destitute without status
And deserted with all Gods on hiatus?

What manner of freedom conjures wealth
For a few and the fortunate by stealth
Instead of competition and opportunity
And with consideration for propriety?

What manner of freedom creates nothing
Adds no value and produces only poverty
When there is work it is all corrupted
And hyper-inflated in price structure?

What manner of freedom cuckolds kings
Abusing their wives with common things
Demeaning the tradition of our heritage
And reducing respect to mere patronage?

What manner of freedom could yet fail
To obtain for the people life so hale
That they would work and be very serious
And never be ever considered devious?

What manner of freedom clings to groups
Disregarding my individuality and routes
Preferring to call me a common forgery
And limiting my potential opportunity?

What manner of freedom constitutes greed
That denies opportunity to those in need
Resisting demands for accurate accounts
And condones malfeasance by the louts?

What manner of freedom creeps to hatred
When distrust is sown and then is mated
So that people revel in old differences
And clamour for new ethnic preferences?

What manner of freedom cages the free
In under-development and gross paucity
Protecting the interests of the rich few
And denying opportunity where it’s due?

What manner of freedom commiserates
With proponents of ethno-genocidal hate
Refusing to listen when people plead
And sowing delusion for those who steal?

What manner of freedom ceases to argue
For individualised rights and virtues
Donning the mask of fetid concensus
And declaring war on the defenceless?

What manner of freedom constrains guilt
Allowing the abusers to litter in filth
Without care for the sane working people
And praising those who’re cheating them?

What manner of freedom competes poorly
In all methods of alleviating poverty
Desiring for there to be greater greed
And ignoring reality where it leads?

What manner of freedom is irresponsible
Allowing the criminals to make feeble
Institutions of democracy with graft
And capturing our leaders for a laugh?

Such freedom is yet moribund slavery
Not freedom as such and not real liberty
Without consideration for individuality
And devoid of any form of rationality!

Such freedom is baseless, without cause
No individual rights, just sickly whores
Absent are individual responsibilities
And personal inalienable liberties!

Such freedom is corrupted and bankrupt
In actuality no real universal suffrage
Neither any constitutional democracy
And never any sort of sovereignty!

Such freedom is without contemplation
Of the rule of law and its mechanisms
Ignoring all radical subsidiarity
And unethical in leadership’s gravity!

Such freedom is incapable of any work
Scared of competition it does shirk
Encumbering free enterprise hastily
And destroying every market economy!

I cannot abide such a farce of freedom
It does terrible things to my esteemed
Respect for the rights of individuals
And hopes for a liberty considerable!

I cannot tolerate such a monstrosity
It burdens my mind with fetid insanity
No real freedom of which to speak well
And all roads lead straight to hell!

I cannot countenance this hatefulness
That parades as freedom but is worthless
No limit to the encroachment upon life
And no restraint barring hateful strife!

I cannot endure this very false freedom
With its authoritarian mode of pleading
Without protection for my individuality
And no efforts to achieve real liberty!

I cannot believe in a freedom so tainted
That it sells control of the plaintiff
Burying truth and distorting the facts
And apprehending liberty with a poleaxe!

I cannot let this heinous freedom go
To corrupt and destroy life with so low
A grasp of a reality imbued democracy
And an individualised unique liberty!

So fight I will for my real freedom day
Regardless of whatever is in the way
I will demand my personal liberties
And I will establish my own sovereignty!

So this is now the moment of your life
Do you concede to the freedom in strife
Or do you stand tall and demand liberty
And respect for your individuality!

So it remains that you must here choose
Your liberty or continue to be abused
By the repression that haunts society
And denies liberty with impropriety!