You try come at me hard with blanks and blunt blades all dry
And yet you presume that I’ll come quietly without a fight
You do not know that I am the Warrior’s God himself alive
You do not surmise the Goddess of Wisdom at my left side
This mark you bear that forewarns us all of your cowardice
Was left by a man who claims that you know nothing of this
He says you beat a drum with your name in grandiose light
That your “reputation” preceded all occasion of your might
A common thief without honour not a soldier with a cause
You failed to impress and went silent without the whores
We are soldiers, we were born both to fight and to protect
You are a criminal, you were cast out out for disrespect
Do not mistake my calmness for a weakened heart’s resolve
You are hunted and you will be slain by the fate that befalls
Common crooks who’ve no honour, common larcenists who believe
In the sarcasm of their own dogshit and the rubbish they weave
Drugs upon which you depend, delusion and misrepresentation
You are nothing but a pack of lies for unholy misdirection
We are not friends, we have never been peers or equals
We are not brothers, I have never respected your treatment
You cannot pay, you cannot work, your cannot buy, you steal
You are a fool, with a story of your dying mother’s last deal
What you were made to be, nothing more than a common prisoner
A scoundrel without protection, just a wannabe thug swindler
I have defeated you completely in every game that I have played
You are a loser who claims to be the winner with your fame
In truth no-one takes you seriously, how could they, you steal
You are a joke and a waste of time, you are nothing but a thief
The funny thing is, when stealing the victories of others
You fail to account to my very serious, deadly brothers
They laugh at your lineage and decry you as nothing from nothing
You don’t have your own magic and your logic is just repeating
So give up, you’re done, your psychotic episode is worthless
You have no power over anyone, you are not a force so ruthless
I will strike you down repeatedly until nothing of you exists
I will destroy your very essence and every fraudster you assist
Know that your days are over, that there’s no life left in your line
Believe that you have been defeated by everyone in their own time
Finally I condemn you with certainty and exterminate your existence
So accept defeat with finality, this is the reality, don’t twist it

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