Let me introduce you to the future of this discussion
It’s called my rhyme and flow with synth and percussion
I sincerely hope that you feel inclined to participate
It’s really in your best interests to listen and wait
We are 110 towns that make up this metropolitan district
From Ilembe to Ugu and Umgungundlovu to Indian Ocean
Durban, D’Urban, Port Natal, Khangela and Congella
Now we also call it eThekwini and we stand and deliver
The hustle that is in the nature of this seaside port
Is only matched by the ingenuity of its people’s heart
We hold true one thing that binds us all together fast
That we are from Durban and nowhere else in the past
So it seems that we are bred of three nations united
From Zululand, Europe and India settled here to work
This land was given by the King himself to the British
It has become home to the people who worked it in earnest
Our city, our pride, our way of life and our kindness
Never to be defeated by any consideration or sickness
So rise up my people, sound forth your horns loudly
The time is upon us to prove our worth and names worldly.

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