I don’t step on your toes because I have respect for myself
I call you by name and not what you are in my mind as fact
I hope you understand that we both have rights to venture
I hope you realise that my time will not be held to ransom
This thing you call your thing, this space in which you pose
Recognise that the people call for the MC to stand or fall
I do not indulge in the labelling of my emerging culture
I’m not for sale and my beliefs and votes are never cheap
Speak your mind and I will respond or let me lead this game
You relinquish control of your territory at will in time.

We are those who are counted and those who will survive
We are the chosen ones who will lead this city into light
We are never afraid, we are never cowards, we are proud
We declare for the world to hear, and for the world to see
That every one of us does not seek protection from the sun
We were born for this life, we were made for this purpose
Our master is unquestionably the foremost proponent in line
What say you, oh D’Urban, Port Natal and Khangela from 1824
Where are your grand celebrations of your 200th birthday
Or should we ignore this part of history and say nothing.

You have this one life that you live and with it you work
You must take this opportunity to gather and make yourself
You stand alone on Africa’s south eastern edge open to trade
You must declare yourself proudly that you reap what you sow
So that every one of your people, every one of your kind
Can say that they are proudly and most definitely of Durban
This means that you cannot play silly games with division
To cast this group against that and withhold the aggregation
You cannot declare war upon yourself and win with certainty
Therefore you must work, for work is your very salvation.

In 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 Durban celebrates its 200th year.

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