It doesn’t matter what you’re drinking I’ve the whole bar
I care not what you’re taking, I supply every supplier
I discourage smoking, because healthy lungs are key
Rather just eat or drink the ingredients with ease
With our service, you get that for which you pay
The more you pay the more you get and it will stay
With you for the duration of its intended efficacy
Don’t worry we offer value for your money proficiency
We don’t supply product, we don’t deliver groceries
We offer virtual programming with certain expertise
So you will feel the effect of what you buy from us
It will start working immediately no hassle no fuss

As far as your problems go, we solve problems for you
When you pay just make a note and we’ll follow through
Be quite clear about what’s troubling you and be sure
Problem solving is swift, precise and certain to cure
Whatever ails you, whatever is weighing you down sadly
It’s an easy fix and we also cure all diseases gladly
Remember to pay for what you want and we know you will
Because nothing in life is free and deliverance kills
Every obstacle, every obstruction and every problem
That you can proceed and succeed to rise above them
So think carefully about what you want and ask clearly
These decisions you make affect your own life dearly

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