Durban Votes

Whom shall represent Durban?

Whom shall represent Durban, as Durban enforces all of its bye-laws
With Durban, D’Urban, Port Natal, Khangela, Congella and eThekwini united for all
Whom shall stand up and in City Hall be counted among those who hold power
To be the leader of Durban, her people, her future and her palavers
Whom shall we trust with the business of the City and her brood
That will judiciously distribute the resources of the public good
Whom shall be brave enough to govern the 110 villages of Durban
In such a manner that will bring development and prosperity for certain
Whom shall break the cycle of the past’s misfortunate decisions
That concentrated opportunities in the hands of the revisionists
Whom shall we name as the leader of all of our people who work honestly
So that this City can once again be proudly counted honourably